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Our call takers and dispatchers are highly trained, dedicated professionals who will get you the help you need. Once you indicate which service you need, your call will be immediately transferred. Please understand that while call takers are asking you questions, they are relaying vital information electronically to the dispatchers and emergency personnel on their way to help you. We receive hundreds of unintended calls every day, from pocket dials to hang-ups.

Please follow these simple tips to help prevent them:.

Racine County, WI

If you dial accidentally, stay on the line and tell us. Teach children to use properly and remind them it is not a toy. Always keep cordless phones fully charged and in the same place in the home.

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Keep your address information near the phone and show your children and caregivers where it is. Never give old cellphones to children to use as toys—many de-commissioned phones can still dial Thousands of accidental calls to are made each year by residents attempting to dial New Delhi, India. If you dial accidentally, stay on the line and advise the call-taker. If you hang up, the call-taker is required to call you back. Misdialed calls tie up emergency lines and police resources.

The City of Calgary - Accidental calls

Listen carefully, speak clearly and try to remain calm. Stay on the line and follow instructions. Blackberries should be put into "standby" or carried in a holster to prevent accidental calls.

When NOT to Call 911

Removing the batteries from old cell phones will prevent accidental calls. We also get a lot of calls as a result of children playing with the phone. Please don't allow children to play with your phones.

Welcome to the Maine Emergency Services Communication Bureau

Please talk to your cell phone service provider and find out how to safely carry your cell phone to prevent accidental calls. Every single call that comes in to Calgary is answered and attended to, including the over accidental and hang-up we receive every day. Emergency Communications Officers always call back every hang-up call to see if emergency services are needed.

If there is no answer and the call was made from a cell phone, a message is left advising that your cell phone dialled If the accidental call came from a home phone, the police will be dispatched to check on the welfare of the occupants of the house. Accidental calls cost The City of Calgary a significant amount of money and resources every year.

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They also tie up emergency services and phone lines. When we're dealing with an accidental call, someone with a real emergency may not be able to reach us. An inactive cell phone can dial , even if you don't have a plan or 'pay as you go' minutes. Calls from unsubscribed cell phones are the second most common type of accidental calls we receive. Accidental calls can also happen when is pre-programmed into a phone.

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  6. Please do not pre-program into any phone. In an emergency, dialling is faster than remembering which speed dial code you programmed. Children who learn about is school are sometimes tempted to "test" Please teach your children to call in an emergency and never place a test call to