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Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 06, J. I didn't enjoy this story as much as I liked Episode I. The romance between Anakin and Padme seemed forced to me. I know he's grown but it's hard to look at someone as an adult who you once knew as a child. The movie was especially difficult for me to understand, so I appreciated the additional clarity reading the book brought to the story line.

Still, too much focus on Anakin, who isn't a favorite of mine sorry, not a Skywalker girl here, I didn't enjoy this story as much as I liked Episode I. Still, too much focus on Anakin, who isn't a favorite of mine sorry, not a Skywalker girl here, neither Luke nor his father. Read only if you're a die-hard fan of the series. Jun 06, Tony Romine rated it did not like it. I've heard quite a few people speak fondly of Attack of the Clones because 'it's the Star Wars movie I grew up with'.

This is profoundly depressing to me because Attack of the Clones is the worst Star Wars movie. At a certain point while I was reading the graphic novel of The Phantom Menace, I realized that telling that story in a comic book made it a lot more enjoyable. This is not at all the case with Attack of the Clones, but it's not for lack of trying. The artwork and pacing of the comics a I've heard quite a few people speak fondly of Attack of the Clones because 'it's the Star Wars movie I grew up with'.

The artwork and pacing of the comics are really good, the best of the adaptations, but it suffers because it's telling the story of Attack of the Clones. Attack of the Clones takes all that drab, terrible political arguing you loved in the Phantom Menace and ups it by like a thousand. It also adds in a very awkward, forced romance that is just straight up creepy by a certain point.

The main idea here is we are going to see the Palpatine's plan for an Empire start to make some strides and we see Anakin beginning to go against some of the Jedi principles.

Star Wars: A Vingança dos Sith (LEG)

Too bad this story was written by George Lucas and as a result it all is just awful. The story begins with an attempt on Padme's life by an assassin, except instead of one assassin, it's like a chain of assassins working together like they are following union regulations or something. It's so dumb and only serves to add an action scene to grab you at the beginning which it doesn't because it's has this terrible back and forth between Obi-Wan and Anakin as they chase in speeders.

All of this is prefaced with an awkward encounter between Padme and Anakin where I guess we're supposed to believe there is a romantic possibility there. It just comes off as creepy on a lot of levels. After this the story then progresses into Anakin being a bodyguard for Padme and Obi-Wan investigating the assassin. Obi-Wan visits a 50s style diner to figure out information about the assassin. Why is there a 50s style diner on a planet in another galaxy in another time?

His "investigation" leads him literally to the planet where Palpatine is secretly assembling clones to fight in his war he is creating, there is not sort of decoy there to throw off visitors or anything. The assassin was Boba Fett's dad Jango. Who asked for us to explore Boba Fett's heritage? He's awesome in Empire Strikes Back because of how mysterious and tough he seems.

Why would finding out who his dad and seeing him as a kid make that character better? Why does he run away from Obi-Wan and immediately go to the planet where the rival army of droids are being produced by the Separatists in preparation for the Clone War about to happen? Anakin and Padme hang out on Naboo and Anakin acts like a creep until Padme makes out with him because she's so turned on by his creepiness.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

There is zero chemistry here. Then he goes back to old home on Tantooine to find his mom, but she's been killed by Tusken Raiders, so he kills them all and their families. He feels really bad about doing that, but this doesn't scare Padme or anything a reasonable person would do. Then he gets a message from Obi-Wan saying he found out that Count Dooku, this old Separatist leader who used to be a Jedi, ordered the assassination.

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones - Wikipedia

Instead of following the orders to keep Padme safe, they go to rescue him from that planet because he was taken hostage while telling them that. It all comes to a head in the overblown and drab extended action scene in some arena where Obi-Wan and Anakin are pitted against some monsters and then the Jedi Knights show up to save Obi-Wan too, but then the Clones show up to fight the Battle Droids and the Jedi fight the droids.

Jango Fett dies in like 2 seconds because Fetts aren't nearly as cool as they seem. Count Dooku cuts off Anakins arm, but then loses to Yoda. Anakin and Padme get secret married at the end. It's hard to convey just how boring all this is without actually seeing it on screen. The romance is so forced, the mystery Obi-Wan is solving is non-existent, and the villains are beyond bland. You have to keep in mind, on top of this nonsense plot, is even worse dialogue than Phantom Menace. You don't feel anything for these characters except contempt for ruining Star Wars for you.

You don't feel a sense of awe at the aliens and the worlds they are on because it's all so uninspired. Don't read this graphic novel. Don't watch the movie. Read the synopsis on Wikipedia and move on. He can't let go of things. It makes you greedy. And when you're greedy, you are on the path to the dark side, because you fear you're going to lose things, that you're not going to have the power you need.

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The Sony, Lucasfilm, and Panavision digital imagery is, by contrast, almost flawlessly interesting and exciting. The lightsaber fights are realistic; the chase and war scenes are so detailed and colorful that you believe the comic-book world Lucas has brought you back to.

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