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He was helped by a church as a kid they helped him out and lead him to the Lord. He has worked his way to what he has.

Sapphire Ice The Jewel Series Book 1 Volume 1

Tony buys out the place of business she works at and he wants to remove the bar. Robin doesn't understand this its a money maker and great tips for her. Tony wants to date her but she isn't interested. He keeps pursuing her. She finally goes with him.

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He is falling for her and she is for him. Only one problem she doesn't know the Lord. Or want any part of God.

Then someone from her pass enters the picture. Will this person destroy what she has with Tony? Will she accept Christ? Great book get and find out how things turn out. Jul 05, Cathleen rated it it was amazing. These three girls had been raised in absolute fear and terror. Robin Bartlett, now 28 years old, is working two jobs to support her two younger sisters.

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She is hardworking and determined to help her sisters to a better life. Tony is a successful Boston businessman with a sad story of his own. When Tony first met Robin, he knew he had met someone unlike anyone he had ever met before. Robin intrigues him as no other woman ever has. After meeting her sisters and discovering the sad story of their abusive childhoods he becomes more intrigued. Robin has encased herself behind a wall of ice after all the years of abuse she had been subjected to.

Putting all this together you have a wonderful story that pulls you in and keeps you until the very last page. I look forward to reading the next two books in this trilogy. Bridgeman and The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. This is the first book I have read of Hallee Bridgeman's but it will not be the last. I enjoy her way of proclaiming her faith without being too preachy. Sappire Ice and Greater than Rubies is a true "rags to riches story". Both literally but also in faith.

Robin was so closed off to her emotions except anger due to her history of being raised in a drug infested neighborhood and rape. Robin and her two half sisters are each so very different. Robin has not had time or energy to devote to her fait This is the first book I have read of Hallee Bridgeman's but it will not be the last. Robin has not had time or energy to devote to her faith.

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When she meets Tony, who is very active in the church, she at first dislikes him. But as she gets to know him she warms up to him.

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He comes from the same neighborhood as them and has worked his way up to where he is now through his faith. He encourages Robin to become closer to the church family and see what she is missing. By the end of the book they are getting married with their church family and friends. The twists and turns throughout make such a delightful read! I received this book through bookfun. Jul 08, Donna Mcginnis rated it it was amazing. As soon as I started this book I was captivated. I was so glad it included the Novella Greater than Rubies as I did not want the story to end.

Want to read the other two books in the trilogy. Well written and loved the characters. The main characters Robin and Tony had both endured terrible childhoods. Robin has two sisters and fought to be reunited with them after being in the system and the younger sister being adopted. Her love for her sisters was her drive in life.

Working two jobs to put them As soon as I started this book I was captivated. Working two jobs to put them both through school so they would not have to depend on a man for their livelihood. She was bitter not only towards men but also God. Tony found Faith at an early age and built an empire of wealth and used it as a ministry and helping others. The love Tony had for Robin was strong and he did not give up on making her his wife.

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Robin found Faith in God and overcame her fears. A wonderful story of love and Faith. The writing was phenomenal, with great descriptions that made me feel like I was there. I loved the characters - they were real, like people you might know. I appreciated that they each had flaws and while they worked to live a life honoring God, they still made mistakes as we all do and saw that God loves them no matter what. If you enjoy clean, Christian romance, I highly recommend reading this book. Jul 10, Debora Wilder rated it it was amazing. This is an incredible Christian romance.

Sapphire Ice

The characters that Hallee has developed for this book are wonderful. They are very realistic and easy to understand. She does a fantastic job of building their pasts and then revealing them so that you are drawn deeper in. It is very easy to love them and root for everything to work out for them. I love the fact that she has made Tony such a strong man of faith and that he is totally committed to God and doing what God wants him to.

I received a free copy of this book from The Book Club Network for my honest opinion. Jul 12, Heatherem rated it it was amazing Shelves: hallee-sallies. This was the first book that I was beta reading for Hallee!

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I couldn't believe how wonderful it was! I usually always judge a book on if I can't put it down or I want to stop my adult responsibilities to just read Her characters are wonderful and most are relatable to real life! There are some real life story lines and they are inspiring to see people come above their struggles.

Sep 22, Lizzie rated it it was amazing Shelves: series , young-adult , sweet-romance. I didn't think I could cry this much over a book. There were times I had to actually had to put the book. This would have been awesome read with a book group. Quick-moving story. Even though I figured out how the story would end, the plot kept my interest well enough that I finished it in a few hours.

Sapphire Ice

A must read! Draws you into the colorful characters lives! Can't wait to see what is next! Jul 18, Lisa Johnson rated it it was amazing Shelves: halliesallies.