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See our disclaimer. Customer Reviews. Then Sanni met President Kekkonen and told him her problem. The president statef that the school matters do not belong to his duties but he promised to carry the matter forward. Later he sent Sanni a hand written letter and told in that letter the same as he had told Sanni when they met and then added that when no-one had appealed from the decision that the district council had made, the decision is legally binding.

Once Upon a Time (Not Long Ago, I Was a Hoe)

Sanni sent the matter to the Ministry of Education but to no avail. The pupils of the school had come from three rural districts and so school transports started in the beginning of the next school year. The means of transport was the taxi. In the beginning children had to walk from home to the road where there was motor traffic. From the western side of Tuupovaare they had to walk three kilometres and then the taxi took them to Ristivaara school. This is the end of the story. It increases the understanding how the education help people to understand other people and countries.

Our story begins in and continues until the present. The heritage of Sixmilebridge is steeped in manufacturing. Our stories about Sixmilebridge has never been fully told locally or nationally. Where: Ireland. Priorities promoted: Education.

The stories of lace unravel through oral testimonies bringing buck to life the era of their flourishing in the first half of the 20th century. Every day the women used to sit in the narrow streets of Athienou Cyprus, gathering for as long as there was light, chatting and embroidering. Embroidering being a piece of art and a means of income, was also an excuse for women to gather, chat, communicate and support one another. Where: Cyprus. Priorities promoted: Community engagement, Education, Cross-frontier collaboration, Youth oriented. I live in the small town of Demir Kapija, small in size but big in terms of cultural heritage-kayak, alpinism, tunnel with inscription , cave Bela Voda, St.

Nicholas Church, cactus Opuncio in village of Klisura,white headed eagle. This is our treasure, this is our cultural heritage. We want Europe to get to know us,to hear about us,to share the European values with all the peoples of Europe,So you are welcome to read my story. Where: North Macedonia. Priorities promoted: Diversity, Education, Youth oriented.

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And in the month the valley people called February, the Great Chamber acknowledged and recognized those valley people who had made an extra effort on behalf of this wonderful valley area. They called it "Pride Day. And so it was throughout the year , the Great Chamber continued to promote intelligent economic development and maintain the valley's historic, cultural and environmental identity. And this brought more prosperity to the valley people. And this was good and the people rejoiced. In the month called June, the great overseer of Chambers, the Arizona Office of Tourism, went forth into the countryside to seek out those Chambers that were superior to others. And the Great Chamber of the valley was awarded second place. And the Great Chamber was pleased. And this was good. As time went on, the Great Chamber wondered what else it could do that would promote intelligent growth and maintain identity of the valley people.

And before them came the concept of a Birding Festival. Although the valley people were aware of the immense riparian delights that lived or traveled though their area, it hadn't occurred to them that this was an untapped asset. The people of the birding community were more affluent, educated and had more discretionary income than norm.

And it became know to the Great Chamber that they would not have to build a large stadium or other facility to accommodate this influx of prosperity into the valley. These people of the birding community would not only stay in the valley people's hotels, eat in their restaurants and shop in their stores, but they would also add great validity to the valley people's land as a pristine area to be preserved.

The people rejoiced and this was good. In the month the valley people called September, scouts of the Great Chamber informed them of a great plague that was moving toward them from the West, the North, the East, and even from within.