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Kumihimo Braiding Patterns - Prumihimo

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S… View Course. This course is led by Catherine… View Course. A study book will be… View Course. This… View Course. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok No Read more. Revoke Cookies. Though this Japanese braiding technique can be used to make earrings , necklaces , and rings , the primary jewelry patterns you'll find are kumihimo bracelets.

In this collection, 25 Kumihimo Bracelet Patterns for All Seasons, we have assembled some of the most beautiful bracelet patterns using kumihimo braiding that you will find anywhere. They are sorted by season, which means you can make kumihimo bracelets to wear year-round.

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  4. From simple to complex, these bracelet patterns are all unique and completely customizable to your taste. The materials, colors, and accessories you can add to these bracelets are nearly endless, and you will love changing up styles, colors , and patterns.

    Author ~ Janine Sun

    No matter how simple the bracelet design, every single one of these kumihimo tutorials show you how to make bracelets that look stunning and professionally-made. Therefore, these bracelets make the perfect gifts. Whether you want a bracelet to wear every day, for formal occasions, or as friendship bracelets to share with your friends, you will find so many wonderful designs to make.

    The best part of kumihimo bracelets is that the materials used for making them are super transportable.

    • 25 Kumihimo Bracelet Patterns for All Seasons.
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    These bracelets can be made at home, during a break at work, or while traveling. Activities like bracelet-making are very relaxing, too; so, get crafting! Spring is full of opportunities. Everything is fresh and new, which is why you should take this time to create some fabulous new bracelets to wear for the season.

    When you think of spring, you probably think light blues, pinks, yellows, oranges, greens, and lots of pastel. Spring has sprung with the bracelets in this list. Check out the Kinetic Kumihimo Bracelet for a simple design that is great for everyday wear. Nothing beats summertime.