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Just as we need to shower, eat and exercise on a daily basis, we need to practice healthy ways to release our stress on a daily basis. Meditation and breathing techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya --which is how I begin my mornings--are potent ways to cleanse your system of stress.

Research shows the destructive link between high levels of stress and reduced productivity. So while it may seem counterintuitive to sit in meditation while your to-do-list looms large, you'll actually be more focused, productive and efficient after a session of meditation. Society is made up individuals; thus your daily investment in creating a stress-free mind is critical to creating a stress-free, peaceful society.

Several years ago, my father's station wagon broke down on a deserted road. A stranger offered him a lift to the nearest gas station to pick up a spare part. As my father began walking back to his car, the stranger circled around and offered him a ride back. When my father offered to pay the stranger for his kindness, the fellow replied, "Just pay it forward. I know you'll find a way to help someone else.

5 Easy Ways You Can Create World Peace

Selfless acts of service uplift your consciousness as well as bring comfort and solace to others. Whether it's scraping the ice off a neighbor's windshield, volunteering at a food bank, or taking in a foster child your kindness brightens someone's day and inspires him or her to help others. When Ellen DeGeneres received the People's Choice Humanitarian Award, she reminded the audience, "Deep down we all love one another, and we need to get back to that. We need more of that right now in the world.

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That is what most of us feel. Finding work-life balance is like riding a bicycle. At times you need to a lean a bit more to the left and at times to the right. Almost instinctively, you know or will soon figure out how to maintain your balance without falling. When your family is the sole recipient of your energy and attention, you may experience frustration or feel stifled.

When your energies are focused exclusively on work or social service endeavors and your family-life takes a backseat, you may feel guilty or imbalanced. If you feel confined to family obligations consider volunteering or joining a club. Make connections outside the family. If your energies are focused largely outside the home, spend intentional time with your family, cook dinner together or go play outside.

When we integrate divergent aspects of our life, we feel more whole and connected to others and ourselves. American writer E. White wryly noted, "Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get to the facts. We need to advocate a multi-religious, multi-cultural education system that enables children to learn about the world around them.

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Learning about other cultures, religions and customs enables children to understand different perspectives and develop a feeling of connection with all people. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , spiritual leader and peace ambassador, believes that the wisdom of the world is a shared wealth that belongings to the entire world, not just a segment of the population. Since , Sri Sri's Art of Living Foundation has been promoting peace across communities through a range of humanitarian projects that have touched million people in countries.

In honor of Art of Living's 35th anniversary, over 3. Bringing together cultural performances, religious leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and peace-loving citizens from around the world, the event demonstrates peace and unity amidst diversity. We can all add to the beauty in our lives, if only we come together," says Sri Sri, "There is a need in society for people to come together and celebrate values like togetherness and service from time to time, for it uplifts the human spirit.

Anyone can be happy when life is going great. But when you can sing, laugh, dance and jump up and down when you have reasons to be miserable, then your happiness has greater value. John Lennon's song "Imagine" is by all means a classic which will endure in the hearts of many. It has many aspects that make it the ideal song for such a project, from its musical quality, to its imperative message of peace. Lennon's melodic style conveys a poignant innocence, which complements the theme of the song perfectly. The music stays simple and seems to grasp the lyrics without a seam.

It is the type of song that will appeal to almost anyone who hears it because of its rhythmic, almost hypnotic sound. I don't know what the music of the "future" will sound like, but I believe a song like this is one that can be enjoyed by all generations to come.

Is World Peace Possible?

It isn't the music of our generation today; not rock with heavy distortion, or rap with deafening bass, nor is it the synthesized Rhytem and Blues many people choose to listen to. It is the type of song that touches a person's heart, the kind of music I listen to because I can feel it. This selection is a more instrumental rock that is set apart from all other genres, deserving of the reverence received in the decades past, and for those to come. This song is truly a tribute to great music, and has been likened to the twentieth centuries answer to Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" and Bach's "Fantasia".

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  5. In that regard, this song is seen as one the greatest songs of our century, and isn't that the type of musical merit we should consider when selecting the one song to represent us in the capsule? The song itself is asking that we see the world consciously, and don't just coast by on what others have established as right.

    It wants you to invoke thought upon life as your own person to decide what it is you believe in.

    The idea of this song is one that could easily be thrown out as a contradictory if it weren't for the way Lennon portrays it. He wants you to imagine hence the title it as he does and infer from your own judgment what you believe. The second verse states "Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, no religion too, imagine all the people living life in peace. Yet peace on earth is supposedly our ultimate goal. We"ll keep trying to live in peace regardless, I hope some day you"ll join us.

    However, people in some areas of the world can take the drive for nationalism beyond means of peace and into violence, be it because of a long struggle or the sheer need to have it. To the soul it is real, but under technicalities it is imagined. All these new countries that are being created are basically imagined.

    This year, ACT in addition to writing!

    The song Imagine by John Lennon, without a doubt, applies to nationalism fully. Is this what our world has amounted to? Throughout the entire novel Gene had an emotional quest for his own separate peace. Unknowingly, Gene's separate war would end much quicker than he could ever imagine.

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    This essay's main aim is to prove that the spread of nuclear weapon does not undermine international peace; on the contrary it helps maintaining it. Therefore let's imagine what would have been the world without the nuclear weapon We would probably have encountered another world war after world war two. However, even the proliferation of nukes promote peace, proliferation should be strictly controlled.