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They celebrate Mass in spaces rented from friendly non-Catholic churches and administer sacraments. We do gay marriages. None of that is sanctioned by Rome, though the U.

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The church hierarchy gets hot under the collar over these activities. Last week, the Kansas City bishop sent a certified excommunication letter to year-old Georgia Walker, days after her ordination.

George Weigel, the author of "Evangelical Catholicism," likened the movement to "Republicans for Socialism," and questioned why the women think being a priest is the most important role. The church maintains that only men can be ordained because priests act "in the person of Christ," who was a man and had only male apostles. In the pews, however, there is widespread support for the idea of women priests.

Who does the evangelizing? Friends, in-laws and priests — often in that order

A Pew Research poll in March found 68 percent of American Catholics think the gender barrier should be demolished. Reese, who is progressive, said he thinks the Vatican should open the priesthood to women, but even he is conflicted about the rebel ordinations. During years of hardship and near starvation, miracles occur because of the unwavering faith of the poor. The devotion of the priests, and of the people they serve is quite inspiring.

GRANDMOTHER AND THE PRIESTS by Taylor Caldwell | Kirkus Reviews

We find ourselves praying along with them for the homeless, the orphan, the blind, the unjustly accused. We meet the kidnapped cousins and their Laird. It is a touching reminder to express gratitude and appreciation for those who are called to serve, each in their own way. Reviews from Goodreads.

In , both Fr. Konrad and Antonina had decided not to leave Ukraine, even though family members could secure them emigration papers to Germany.

Wife, Grandma, Catholic Priest? Rebel Women Defy Church Ban

Konrad had been an academic all his life. His assignment in Stradtch would be his first parish role.

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On June 22, , Blessed Nicholas was leading a procession for the Feast of Corpus Christi when the military base came under attack from the invading Germans. The war is started. Who knows what will happen?

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  • Blessed Nicholas Konrad is known as a patron of students and his active canonization cause is promoted by many at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. There are pilgrimages to the site of his execution, and the priests at Stradtch hold retreats.

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