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Movie plot tags. World War I. Love triangle.

Judy Garland - For Me And My Gal Lyrics

Academy Award-winner Gene Kelly makes his film debut as a song and dance man who lures singer Judy Garland away from her vaudeville partner. My rating. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to For Me and My Gal. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to For Me and My Gal in the search box below.

South Pacific.

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For Me And My Gal: Music From The Original Motion Picture | Discogs

He was a newcomer to the silver screen at the age of Judy was 10 years younger but had already appeared in 15 movies. This one is an homage to Vaudeville during the years of the First World War. They form an act together and start slowly moving up the ladder on their way to a booking at New York's Palace Theater. On the eve of their first appearance at The Palace, Harry gets drafted in the army.

For Me and My Gal

He breaks his own hand to postpone going overseas. Unfortunately this is the very day that Jo gets the news that her brother has been killed in action at the front. She tells Harry she never wants to see him again.

Harry tries desperately to enlist after this, in order to prove his courage and patriotism, but mostly to win Jo back, but he permanently damaged his hand and is rejected. All the main characters finally meet up in Paris at the movie's climax.

For Me and My Gal (1942) Official Trailer - Judy Garland, Gene Kelly Movie HD

Jo is performing for the troops and Harry also finally made it overseas by performing. Judy Garland does a wonderful medley of WWI songs with a group of soldiers.

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At the end there is a plug for war bonds. This is one of the last of the Word War I movies. World War II would soon take it's place on the screen. Even to this day there are very few movies made about the First World War. You just know this will have a happy ending, but that's not the point. It's about the songs, dances, laughs and melodrama. For Me and My Gal offers a nice mix of those 4 ingredients. The music was composed by George W. This is considered a song that works best with a male vocal; a contemporary recording was made by Billy Murray, but it was not until that the name was hijacked for a musical in which it was performed by Gene Kelly and Judy Garland.

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Backed by David Rose Garland's then-husband and his Orchestra, their version peaked at 3 and stayed on the charts for 21 weeks. In , the recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Rock singer Freddy Cannon revived the song in on his Palisades Park album and landed at 71 on the pop chart.