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The alarm was raised at 9. Morgan was alive when he reached hospital but died later. The cause of his death had not been established. The woman who called said later that two of those arrested were standing nearby when she found the dying teenager and they told her they had been to a party. She's been trying to get a seat on the task force, but so far the other cops are stonewalling her.

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Barnes tells her the victim is not a part of this killing spree. He is arrogant, but a good cop. However, getting involved with him means her whole career will be stalled. Barnes has a juvenile past. So far the stories are vari Detective Harriet Blue meets Det. So far the stories are varied Bottom line is that all the cops hate him and want nothing to do with him. And Blue doesn't want to be tarnished with the same brush. She and her brother grew up in the system, so she knows how it feels to not be accepted, to not fit in. Meanwhile, another team of detectives are searching for two older people who have been sailing down the coast, but it seems they've disappeared.

Why Annette Morgan's murder haunts detective 40 years on

The woman is severely ill, in need of medical care, but she has not picked up her medications. How are these cases connected? Can Blue and Barnes connect the dots before more bodies fall? This is a novella under pages and first in a short series featuring these two detectives.

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The action is fast-paced with a few surprises along the way. There is a major twist at the end that I never saw coming. I look forward to reading Never, Never, next in this series. Its James Patterson! Shelves: closedbooks , 3-series-or-sequel , 1-have , mystery. Well, this little gem did it's job!

A one hundred and forty four page Bookshot managed to hook me. In this little appetizer James Patterson and Candice Fox brought to life a dedicated, rough and tumble female detective in the Sydney Australia police department - Det. Harriet Blue. Bounced through social services agencies as children, along with her brother Sam, by becoming a cop, Harriet is trying to make up for her bad behavior as a teen.

In Black and Blue Harriet has been partnered with a rene Well, this little gem did it's job! In Black and Blue Harriet has been partnered with a renegade cop, Tox - rumored as having committed a murder as a young child - and therefore she is being shunned by her fellow precinct co-workers.

Trying to get on a serial killer task force, Harriet feels she is being kept in the dark.

Heavily engaged in a kidnapping boat theft, along side Tox, Harriet seeks to elevate her detective position high enough to gain a coveted spot on the task force. Next book in line is Never Never. I'm a big fan of the Harriet Blue series and hadn't read this prior to reading the two full lengths Fifty, Fifty and Never, Never.

I was eager to find out more about the Georges River Killer and the investigation which led to Harriet's brother Sam, being accused of the heinous spate of murders. Credit to both authors. The plot is almost pulled kicking and screaming from the dark alleys where noir dwells, only to fall into that tried and true mainstream trap of cat and mouse policing and drawn out chase sequences as the story steadily builds to a climax. Whilst this pitch wasn't maintained throughout the story, the novella, as is standard for these 'books shots' was a lot of fun.

This was just not my type of book.

View all 5 comments. Jun 13, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: bookshots. Patterson teams up with acclaimed writer Candice Fox to create a new and exciting series, beginning with this explosive BookShot. She has been trying to chase after the Georges River Killer GRK for some time, the most notorious and elusive serial killer in Australian history. When she is called to the Georges River after a body is discovered, it fits all the key aspects of a GRK victim. However, she is not the o Patterson teams up with acclaimed writer Candice Fox to create a new and exciting series, beginning with this explosive BookShot.

However, she is not the only detective on-scene. Tate 'Tox' Barnes is a detective with a sordid past, with rumours swirling around him. Having somehow made it onto the force after killing a woman and her child at the age of six, Tox is hated by everyone and vilified at every turn. Blue is forced to work with Tox on this crime and endures his unorthodox methods for solving crimes, which proves that the body before them is not part of the GRK's collection, but rather a killing that happened on the open waters. While Blue grows to respect Tox and his methods, she remains a pariah and the target for childish retribution.

Detectives probe mystery death as body of man is found in Manchester canal on Boxing Day

As Blue and Tox continue to follow leads, a separate plot line sees a rich yachting couple being held captive by a woman who has financial aspirations. Hope Stallwood will stop at nothing to get what she wants and is willing to take anyone down how impedes her plans. The closer. Blue and Tox get to solving their crime, the more the investigation pulls Hope's plans into the mix. Will Blue be able to find the thread that connects these cases and save those involved before it's too late? A great addition to the BookShot collection, which will keep the reader flipping pages as fast as they can be read.

Using this BookShot idea to introduce new series seems like a smart idea on Patterson's part. Harriet Blue, the newest member of Patterson's crime thriller collection introduces herself nicely in this shorter piece, offering enough breadcrumbs to lure the reader in, while leaving much for the upcoming full-length novel. Patterson and Fox highlight some of the strengths Blue brings to the table alongside her new partner, as well as the cloud that floats above them both, individually and as a pair.

The story flows nicely with strong characterization and decent narration, which can be compared to some of the other detectives that Patterson has in his quiver Cross, Boxer, Bennett. How Blue will fit awaits to be seen, though her introduction surely will leave readers intrigued with what else there is to offer. Kudos, Mr.

Patterson and Madam Fox for this explosive beginning to the series. I look forward to what else you have to offer in the coming months. Detective Harriet Blue landed a murder case of a young woman found on the banks at Picnic Point. Teaming up with Tate Barnes Detective Harriet Blue must rush to find the killer before another young woman dies. The portrayal of the characters done fantastically by James Patterson and Candice Fox. I recommend this book. Jun 06, Simon McDonald rated it liked it. She investigates the murder alongside Tate Barnes, a despised, nomadic detective, whose methods are questionable, and whose past is black as pitch.

Not that Blue is completely on the side of the angels, as demonstrated by her brutal takedown of an accused assailant under the cover of darkness early on in the novel. Still, as the ultimate form of storytelling, I was left feeling a tad indifferent. She is an author who has demonstrated a willingness to bend the tropes of the genre. Here she is playing very much by the rules, and lacks that trademark flair.

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Yet another awesome Bookshot Yet another awesome Bookshot from beginning to end. I just could not put it down. I just hope James Patterson pens another one with this main character. Dec 20, Dominique rated it it was amazing. Couldn't put it down!!! I love these Bookshots. Feb 01, Amber Garabrandt rated it liked it. When a beautiful girl is found dead on a river bank, Detective Harriet Blue thinks this is her in to what had been the men's-only investigation of the George River Killer. This is the biggest investigation in Sydney, and the sex-crimes detective wants in. It meets all the killer's trade marks.

The more she looks into the case with her partner not their idea , Tox Barnes, the more she realizes that this isn't what it seems. This is not the George River Killer, but someone trying to kill When a beautiful girl is found dead on a river bank, Detective Harriet Blue thinks this is her in to what had been the men's-only investigation of the George River Killer. This is not the George River Killer, but someone trying to kill their past and start fresh.

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Between checking out leads and trying to reign in her partner that's worse at doing things by the book than she is, she just might get this case solved. Full disclosure- I read Never Never before this book because I simply was not paying attention. Thus, my feelings for this introduction for Harriet may be jaded by the growth I saw there. Here, she seems unnecessarily cruel and combative.

Chapter one finds her beating the daylights out of a man for getting off on a rape charge If she had money and a penis she'd be Batman. He, at least was interesting! Even though the book was filled with characters I loved to hate, the premise here drew me in.