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These dots then merge to form a line. What is their logic? Their logic is the train. The agglomeration of dots marks the station; the line is the layout of the tracks. Zurich, today a center of finance, was in its recent past an industrial city, and the railway was the mechanism that structured it in the nineteenth century.

In its passage from industrial to post-industrial city, the void left by disappearance represents the opportunity of the new.

Dream Theater Metropolis : Scenes from a Memory

As Sun Tzu said, 1 the contemporary city tends to occupy the void like an army at war. One of the first dots, numbered on my list, the project for Habis Royal, raised a few issues that are pertinent to my story. In section it is complex, dense. Pictorial images frozen against classicistic backgrounds in the style of de Chirico become film sets, low-angled against backgrounds of modern industrial desolation. In its origins, Zypressenstrasse shares in this will to address the differential approach that is both near and distant — that is, contemporary.

Near because it attaches importance to the past as valuable material as it all is , yet distant because it does not insist on manipulation.

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At the same time, it claims to have captured the aura of the past, allowing the atmosphere of the factory to shine through the apartments. The result is a very interesting space to live in, which occupies the entire depth of the building and is at once continuous and compartmentalized, a far cry from the taxonomic simplism of typologies passed down by the modern Existenzminimun.

It also offers the possibility of incipient hybridism, another contemporary facet, with the introduction of non-residential functions offices, studios, and so on. The critical conservation of the original factory appears, then not as a romantic or historicist alibi but as a strategy of compositional unification in a project that seeks to multiply its parts. But we were speaking of trains. The relation with the city is conceived here as one of the openness and transparency.

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A closer examination will reveal in the wooden ceiling and sloping columns the physical traces of its authors. Close by, near Langstrasse, the rundown street associated with the underdevelopment that underlies the railway journey, appears the sequence of buildings of the RiffRaff Cinema. It has a brilliant plot: cinema is essentially related to light and darkness, and the beam of light that conveys the illusory world of film is the protagonist in this space.

MetropolisRemix: Metropolis (1927) Colorized & Dubbed

Remember that intangible, conceptual radicalness is a characteristic of Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architects; we will go on to look at the layers of material in their built work. The sea of tracks lapping at the Hauptbahnhof , used to irrigate, to serve the annexed industrial areas.

Metropolis—Part I: "The Miracle and the Sleeper" - Wikipedia

Now abandoned, it is set to be transformed for contemporary uses. The urban development plan on the site of the former Maag factory proposes the transformation o the classic modern, reductive sequence of systematic, parallel, pieces of non-repetitive, multiform logic on a layout of variable geometries reminiscent of Scharoun. Further to the left is the site of the project for the new soccer stadium. This huge stadium is contextual; it distorts its figure, articulating and defining its exterior.

It is a hybrid, housing many uses other than the strictly sports-related, formalizing them in a unitary gestalt. The stadium is forcefully tectonic.

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It does not give itself up to the vulgar exhibitionism of multicolored lightweight falling prey to exhibitionistic excess. In recent years, it has often been performed as the final encore, allowing the band to extend the solo section and James LaBrie to address the crowd. This version was released on Live at Luna Park. In total, it has been played live times as of December , making it Dream Theater's second most played song after "Pull Me Under".

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